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DisgraceD / The Freeeek / GAWD / TRIP / Elevate / Andy Olson


Mohawk Place
47 E Mohawk St 14203 Buffalo United States
FTMP Events Presents:

w/ The Freeeek, Greatness and World Domination - GAWD, TRIP, Elevate, & Andy Olson
Hosted by the freakshow himself : Arlowe Price

Sunday, August 14th
$10 cover
16+ (ID Required) - No ID/No Entry
Doors open at 6:00pm

at: Mohawk Place
47 E Mohawk St
Buffalo, NY

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DisgraceD : https://www.facebook.com/DisgraceD-150381891647726

DISGRACED proudly uses Ibenez and esp guitars, shure mics, m-audio, roland keyboards, and pearl drums
Bio : Formed in 2001 when Preist and his partner in evil, Mistress, realized their true calling: to spread their unique brand of wickedness throughout the world. After years of experimentation, musical and otherwise, hundreds of members come and gone, Penemue, trapped in a loveless job and abandoned by the world, heard rumors of their task; he demanded they teach him their ways, as he would teach them his own conniving, intricate techniques. It would only be a matter of months before Harakiri and Skitz were introduced, an element of youth and innocence which the other three quickly twisted to serve their vile purposes, much the way Penemue himself was brought down so recently. Today, their powerbase solidified, the five begin to extend tendrils of corruption into the aether... after 3 years of being in the band Penemue realized he was going to hell for what he has done and the terror of that fact prompted him to quit and after too many episodes of self destruction harakiri was fired. this left Disgraced in a bad way for about 45 minutes when going to a show Preist solicited 2 very talented members away from a not so talented band showing once again that he can still corrupt souls. Enter in Dr. Sever and his Project M destroying stages is what these two do and preist is all too happy to give them stages. sadly enough project M had become defective, after countless needless experiments he had to be disasembled... this is a shame for when he was working right he was a fantastic performer but like all technologically created organisms he was flawed... ready to give up DisgraceD moved into a submissive motion but before that step could happen a chill ran down preists spin... he followed the feeling of uneasy hate until he would up in the coma ward of a local hospital standing in front of a man that made the hair on the back of his neck stand up... just as preist reached out to touch this man his eyes open and he sat up with a possessed passion to destroy stages with fury and angst! though this man had no memory of who he was he knew his instrument of Distruction was a guitar... and after the loss of project M preist was all to happy to assist this crazed madman in his quest! Hense enter Jon Doe!

The Freeeek : https://www.facebook.com/The-Freeeek-160948613917021
GAWD : https://www.facebook.com/Greatness-and-World-Domination-GAWD-552652248160521
T R I P : https://soundcloud.com/tripbuffalo
Elevate & Andy Olson